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Wilkerson Chiropractic

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415 East Ocean Ave
Lompoc, CA 93436
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How long will you wait to improve your life?

Now you can eliminate stress, reduce pain, improve your golf game, stop smoking, and even lose weight with the help of NewReality.

What if you could conquer a bad habit or install a good habit just by sitting back, taking a deep breath, and completely relaxing every muscle in your body right down to your toes? What if you could train your brain to super-focus on anything you want in your life - any time you want it - quickly and automatically.

 Now, imagine all this only takes 20 minutes... and they are the easiest, most stress-free, and relaxing 20 minutes you've had all week-or maybe all your life?

And now imagine you could do all this by sitting back in an easy chair and slipping on earphones and a pair of glasses fitted with flashing lights. Instantly, you hear calming tones and lilting music, and the encouraging words fill your mind... and you sigh... and you let go. You easily lose weight... quit smoking... eliminate chronic pain... or even improve your golf game.

Well, you no longer have to simply imagine - you can do all this and more with the NewReality system!

NewReality Creates Lasting Improvements in People's Lives And We Have Put Together A Group of World Class Teachers!

 Lifelong success is what NewReality is all about. Through the power of creative visualization and relaxation (CVR), combined with the technology of the NXTlynk clients who use the NewReality system achieve life- changing results. Many choose to use the program for multiple goals; it's that powerful for them.

How does such a simple technique achieve these amazing results? Patrick K. Porter, PhD, the voice of NewReality, explains that CVR is an altered state of mind that lets you bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious, which is where habits are stored. "About eighty-percent of our clients choose CVR to lose weight," Porter said. "We help them to think and eat like a thin person by changing their self image. Once they've successfully replaced their old habits with positive ones, they never have to think about dieting because their weight is no longer an issue."

Natural weight loss is only one of many ways CVR can improve your life. If you want to know how CVR and the NXTlynk might help you - even if you're just curious - click here.

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Wilkerson Chiropractic
415 East Ocean Ave
Lompoc, CA 93436
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